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A connected flow of thoughts on my day.
Family is really important and takes work to build a healthy, well-functioning extended family.

Family time matters and it’s nice to see the streets so quiet as families gather today.

I wonder what is so culturally significant about snow on Christmas? I know I feel it and wish it had snowed today. For me, a snowy Christmas – or in general, snow in winter – symbolizes peace, home, family, a safe and secure haven of love away from the problems of the world. Though I don’t like the cold I love the feel of a snowy day.

Seeing all the homes, some decorated for winter, and speculating what the streets would look like with snow, I thought more about my craving for order and beauty. My mom reminded me of a quote the other day: “Man is organic with the world. His inner life moulds the environment and is itself also deeply affected by it.” Yes. Maybe my craving has spiritual origins, and creating that order and beauty can enhance spiritual dimensions of life. I definitely feel more freed up creatively, more calm and peaceful, more hospitable when the house is in order.

Our home is great and our home needs some work. Let the next phase of decluttering begin! We’ve identified some chairs to go, and chairs we need (for the dining table, and a comfy armchair).

Baby continues to amaze. Now carrying and dragging things around as she walks. Cuddlier, wanting to nap (briefly) on mama’s chest. Helping to build a massive tower of tupperware at nana’s, a bit shocked when it falls noisily, then clapping and ready to build again. Waving her arms to the music, any music. I want a beautiful home to raise baby.

And I want to slow down and BE so that the surroundings, whatever they are, can be enjoyed.

Day 2 of praying.

No decluttering today; more to come tomorrow.

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