Safely home. Aaaah … no place like home.
Going on vacation is wonderful. I’ve noticed as I get older that the returning home part is often even more wonderful. Our own bed. Delightful! All our THINGS that we like and use. Knowing where things are and where they belong. Freedom to do as many loads of laundry as we want without stress. Our condiments, containers and frozen and dried foods waiting for us. Plus the incentive to make this space an even better home than it’s been.

Baby has enjoyed being home, seeing and playing with her toys, helping with laundry, walking all over and playing on the bed.

Speaking of bed, bedtime tonight was utterly delightful. Around 6:40 as we were runningĀ  a tub husband was carrying her and I started singing “Mr. Moon.” She smiled and waved her arms (usual response to music she likes) and reached for me. I kept carrying her and singing and she cuddled in, wrapped her arm around my neck and put her head down on my chest. I sang and walked and bounced her and she kept cuddling in. She tapped my chest, asking to nurse. I asked her if she wanted to go to bed and she gave me her laugh/smile/YES, that’s exactly what I want! smile. So I swapped out her clothes and diaper, nursed her, gave her a bottle and she rolled over asleep. Shortly after 7. So fabulous! She did wake up about 20 min. later for more cuddling and the rest of the bottle but is out now. This earlier bedtime thing is great.

We essentially finished unpacking tonight – just a few small things left. Two big loads of laundry done, the kitchen clean from dinner. Leaving a clean house before vacation is a very, very good idea.

Now I”m glad to be blogging, finishing up some things and getting another good night’s sleep. Tomorrow will be another great day back home.

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