Vacationed out

Going away is exciting, stimulating, fun. Coming home is renewing, centering, rejuvenating.
We’ve been gone for about a week and I am so ready to get home. We’ve seen family and friends, walked, seen sights and – yes – shopped. Now it’s time to get home and resettle in at home. I’m excited to wash all our dirty and new clothes, unpack the messy mess of multiple bags we have, get back into a routine with baby and fill the fridge.

Reconsidering our life is also something we like to do after a trip. What are our priorities? How are we choosing to live? What activities do we want to pursue? How to shape our life to better reflect what we want?

And also: decluttering :). We both can’t wait. The space of a week and seeing how other people live is major motivation to get rid of everything that’s excess or dysfunctional and streamline things.

For now, baby is still awake and I’m ready to call it a night on our last vacation night. So until tomorrow when I can write more.

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