Good, good day

Good days start with a good night’s sleep. Baby went to sleep a bit after 8 and only woke up 2ce (!) before final wake-up around 6:30. Amazing!! I can’t believe how good it’s goign to feel when she does this more often. We also enjoyed watching “Win Win” last night.
This morning started with awesome girly playing as the cousins started imitating each other’s words and calls. So sweet!

We packed up and went to The Garage for a visit with possibly my oldest friend – our mothers knew each other before we were born. Great to catch up and reinforce that there are people I connect with all over.

Then a smooth drive to Victoria with sleeping baby. Successful early check-in at the hotel, and wonderful wandering around town: amazing food at Re-Bar, shopping at MEC and Value Village (yes, we lucked out!) take-out Lebanese food and hanging in the hotel room. Late sleeping baby, okay, but no problem. And VV was full of great clothes, books and baby toys.

Now is bedtime and another great day to look forward to tomorrow: bookstores, waterfront, food.

I really truly look forward to more reflective adn meaningful writing SOON. However, the late hour and my tiredness preclude it. Let me just say I’ve been thinking a lot about contentment, home, travel, materialism vs. spirituality, and marriage.

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