Small blessings and minor tweaks

Today: not bad. Lots of little things to think about.
I made it out of the house by 9:30 after washing bottles, doing/hanging laundry, feeding self and baby, packing for the day and researching air purifiers online.

We went to pick up goat’s milk first. No organic, so I got regular. Packed up baby, hit the road, and realized a few lights along that I didn’t have my credit card. Circle around, return, check the parking lot, go inside and see a teller who’s a former student of mine. I ask, she smiles and says she has it and hands it over. Nice.

Baby fell asleep before the goat’s milk stop, but woke up at the store and wouldn’t fall asleep in spite of the half-hour plus drive to my friend’s house. Until a few blocks away, that is. Fortunately, she stayed asleep when I carried her in and slept for almost an hour.

Great visit – loved seeing the kids, and baby watching and playing with them. We talked about our usual mix of childrearing, birth, breastfeeding, religion, home organization, family, etc. etc. Baby ate SO BEAUTIFULLY at the table with all of us for lunch – I’m inspired to get that dining room table we need and maybe have another kid so they can eat together.

Baby and I then made 2 stops to find an air purifier. No success at the first store, and baby was asleep by the second store. Keeping my earlier frustrations in mind, I let her sleep and read the book I had so wisely packed :). She slept for over an hour – lovely! – and then we went in and picked out our purifier.

At home I tried the “ergo on the back” position and loved it for getting kitchen work done – this will be repeated lots more!

Then husband was home and baby & I went to LLL – yay! long time since I’ve been. Always great to see moms who care about breast feeding and pick up some new info (sucking while you fall asleep and waking to nurse both protect against SIDS. In other words, nursing your baby to sleep – something the sleep industry says not to do – is protective for your baby. Not to mention amazingly convenient).

Bedtime was the only hard part. She was already tired before I went to the meeting. Cried on the way home (short drive). And finally fell asleep just before 11. We are instituting earlier bedtimes starting tomorrow.

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