Baby was asleep by 9:30. And in the context of other things lately, that seems early. I have been wondering about sleep lately because her patterns have changed a lot – usually she’d fall asleep 8ish after nursing and bottle, but now she pops up, awake and ready to play. I wonder what is going on. It’s like she’s super-hyped right after being almost asleep. Tonight she finally went down after playing for about an hour on the floor & in the closet, followed by 20 min. of Ergo walking, then nursing and some bottle. Must think about more.
I have 1 more day of work left, 4 meetings (admittedly, one is an informational lunch session so not strenuous) and maybe 15 to-do items. We really better hire someone else in my office early in the new year because my workload is crazy. I don’t have any spare time to read, learn, plan, prepare, or the other important professional tasks I’m hired to do. Fortunately someone took on one of my to-dos today so that’s one items fewer to tackle.

Home mess. Have been thinking about the messiness and the non-beauty of our home again. I do want to write about this separately but it keeps coming up on its own. I would love to love where I live.

Evening plan: blog, brush teeth, read in bed for 10 min., say a prayer, go to sleep. Action time!

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