Baby Date

Tonight i asked my husband what I should blog about. Here is his suggestion:
Blog about our date. And how we missed baby on our date. And we cut out magazines and we love each other. And how we’re making progress on deciding when to have a baby.

All true! We went on a date today, 2.5 hours away from baby together. My mom – thank you! – came to look after babes. I really didn’t want to leave her today. She’s been really mommy-needy the past few days, and also highly sleep resistant (nap times minimal, 2-hour bedtime routines). But: spending a couple of hours with my husband with no interruptions at least every few months is kind of important to sustaining our marriage, which is kind of important to baby’s well-being too. So we went, and thought about our tired sweet cuddly needy walking lovable baby. We brought along a basket of magazines and each pulled out a bunch of pictures we liked and will sort these more fully soon. It was really great to spend time together and be able to relax and talk about life and marriage. We started talking about the most important thing we could do for our family and each had some interesting ideas: things around ensuring baby knows she’s loved and secure; communication; building relationships and community. This intertwined with a discussion of social decay and what we can do to be prepared.

Then on the way home we talked more about baby #2: when is the right time? What factors to consider? We are thinking soonish, but I hesitate because I might not want to return to work after I have two kids at home. in fact, I still feel conflicted leaving home right now for work. Right now, however, I need to work. So if we’re planning for #2, I would like is to get to the point where I can choose to stay home (or do some other work from home) and get by. Lots to discuss but we’re making progress.

I’m wiped and still have a lot to do. Sweet baby just isn’t sleeping well lately and I am struggling to figure out what to do. Questions about sleep and food for baby take a lot of energy, but obviously not enough energy b/c I haven’t figured out solutions yet.

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