Choosing simple

Today was a great opportunity to choose to dial it down, back and under rather than push ahead. I’ve been leaning towards get-it-done productivity of late and while it brings positives (cleaner house, advances in my writing) it also can take me out of the present moment. Wait … have I written about this before?
This morning I played with baby on the bed when she showed no signs of going down for a nap. Play, play. Cuddle, laugh.

Then we packed up and went to baby’s first pow-wow. Unfortunately, the drumming was too loud for her and she started crying not once, but twice. I took her out each time, and we then packed up to leave. Of course, by then and from the vantage point of the entrance-way she was thoroughly enjoying the drumming, singing, regalia and dancing, not to mention watching the sweet children moving around. However, we opted to leave and headed to my mom’s for a short visit.

There were a number of stops I wanted to make on the way home: VV for clothes, another place for a return/make-up purchase, and a third store to drop off some milk bottles. We decided instead to come straight home. Baby slept, we snacked and napped/read. Simple and rejuvenating.

Finally, a friend’s concert this evening. Great music, and then a visit tonight (he’s staying over here). Tea, a snack, blogging and bed.

Sometimes, just cut out the extra. Take time to slow down and enjoy. Focus on the people you’re with. Laugh. Leave a few chores until tomorrow. Don’t rush out to buy things. Life will be richer for it.

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