My first real snow day of the year and it was magnificent! Not at all what I’m used to, but a delightful new normal.
First, I now heartily endorse going to bed early with baby. I slept well, she slept well, and I woke up a bit before 7 rested and ready to go (incidentally, you just witnessed a  minor writing break-through: in my wordiness I tend towards writing “feeling rested” rather than the more direct “rested”, which I realized was the best choice here since I am not trying to distinguish between how I felt and how I actually was).

Baby didn’t wake up until 7:30, granting me half an hour to shower and clean myself up. Aaah … blissful.

Morning with baby was also fun. I bustled around alternating between cleaning and playing with baby. Husband was home a bit and then in and out, nice for both me and baby. We had some fun getting adorable pictures of baby by the window with the snow light. The house was starting to feel actually clean and ordered, AND I wasn’t stressed AND I was having lots of fun with baby, who was HAPPY. Awesome!

After changing the sheets with baby (another great activity!) and skyping with sister and niece (so awesome to see them in their new home!), baby went down for a nap. I finished some chores (counting/wrapping coins, laundry, dishes) and had time to read in bed with her before she woke up, happy and ready to go. I then bundled her up and we set out on a chain of downtown errands, baby cozy in the stroller, me pushing. I think she really loved the snow, and I had a great time walking around and enjoying the warmth that comes with snowfall.

Back home, we made dinner, snacking along the way (baby loves pickles. Interesting). Husband got home and we enjoyed arugula salad, mashed potatoes and beans. Then more playtime, then baby finally went to sleep after MUCH wriggling – she enscribed at least 2 full circles on the bed before crashing.

I crashed with her as well and am only up  now because of my blog. Because I had to share that today was simply delightful. I had a great time with my daughter and husband. Lots of stuff got done and quality time was also significant. The first snow day included enjoying baby’s enjoyment of the snow, which made it all the more fun. Today had the coziness I wanted.

and now to bed.

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