Today is the Birth of Baha’u’llah, an important Baha’i holy day. I’m always glad for these pauses in the calendar to reflect and step out of the busyness of regular life.
Last night we all went to the holy day celebration, the first Baha’i event I’ve been to in a while. It was really good to see friends again. One friend from when I was a youth has moved back to town with her family and I’m looking forward to reconnecting. Another friend is starting doing some photography and also loves our baby :). Others are friends who have been here for a while but I haven’t seen recently. I was glad to have my daughter meet new people and get to know the feeling of the event. She had fun the whole way through except when we didn’t let her throw her water bottle on the floor during the readings. We walked up and down and back and forth as well as sat. She liked the music, the little people, the big people, the space, the noise, being in a crowd. Little social animal!

Being connected to the community is important. I want my daughter to have that as she grows up.

Today, the holy day, I tried to stay aware and think of something to do. Not much came to mind aside from my obligatory prayer. I look forward to years of holy days ahead of me and am eager to develop rituals and routines to do with my girl on our days off. Maybe we’ll try to visit friends (and bring them some food!) on holy days. I like that idea. And go for a walk. And have a special prayer session in the day. And do a park clean-up. Thing like that. Yay! I want these days (9 total through the year) to stand out as sacred and joyful for her. And for me as well.

Decluttering update: Yesterday also got rid of a sweater that’s shrunk a bit too much after too many times in the washer. I think I’ve learned this lesson at last: do not wash wool sweaters in the washing machine. Unless on gentle cycle. Today: one travel mug with a wobbly handle.

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