More to go

I’ve been getting inspiration lately from Declutter Daily. Did I mention her before? She’s from Virginia Beach, right by where I used to live (Norfolk) and she’s decluttering a minimum of one item from herĀ  home daily. Minimum. Plus instituting a “one in, one out” rule. Go big or go home!!! Some of her declutters or comments have hit home. I’m inspired to get rid of:

  • a basket of yarn for a blanket I’ve half-crocheted (half is enough – it’s a throw, not a blanket!), inspired by her “do the crafts as a way to declutter” post. Not the same thing, really. The opposite, in fact. But still, must acknowledge the inspiration.
  • Some extra glasses in the kitchen, from her purge of glassware. We really have more than we use, and have one larger set that I’d like to keep. The others (at least 2 of them) can go.
  • Ditto our mugs. We have a guest/tea set, already partly decluttered (we got rid of the tea mugs with saucers, realizing that however elegant we wouldn’t use them, and kept the coffee mugs which go with our white teapot).
  • Some of our extra stationery, paper, blank books, etc. etc., after her inspiring tossing of not-needed greeting cards.
  • More books.
  • Cookbooks. I never use them. By never, I mean never. Let them go!!!

Essentially, reading someone else’s decluttering blog helps me see inroads and possibilities among my own possessions and inspires me to create more space in my life.

I had a fun conversation with someone from work about declutering today, too! I don’t know her well; apparently she’s super into getting rid of things. Her office is spare, and she says the same is true of her home. That she often has to dig clothes out of the give-away box because she’s got nothing to wear. Fun!

We roughly planned our winter holidays tonight, and I’m looking forward to some time in there to tackle parts of said decluttering, plus my papers. Plus, of course, TIME HOME WITH BABY!

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