Winter is arriving. First snow today. I have mixed feelings about this. Snow is beautiful, peaceful, fun. It portends the seasonal shift into cozy, indoors and nestling down life. I kind of love dressing up in long socks, lost of layers, toques and jackets, carrying a cup of tea everywhere. And there are few things as cozy as curling up by a fire with a good book while it snows.
The first day of snow is usually a great day for me. The last few years I’ve missed work – not on purpose, that’s just how it happens. I sleep in. I stay in my pajamas. I read a cheap winter-themed romance novel IN BED for a long time in the morning. I don’t leave the house at all if possible. It’s my transition-into-winter ritual and I look forward to it.

On the other hand. Transporting baby around during snow is a lot more work. I still need to figure out cover-her-up clothing options. I’ll need to (okay, want to) start warming the car before I take her out so she doesn’t get a chill. So far she doesn’t seem to care, but I’m trying to be a responsible mama. Walks, errands, etc. are less fun for me when it’s wet, mushy, cold. I already find myself hunching my shoulders, crossing my arms, not feeling as relaxed or open as I feel in summer. Even being in the house is not as much fun. I shiver getting out of the shower. BLECH! I shiver going to bed. I shiver coming home. I do not like cold homes, but the cost and waste of heating our space to the temperature I’d like is not an option.

In case you can’t tell, I’m feeling low tonight. Work continues to be way too busy. And my two calls to the HR people who are supposed to help me hire an admin assistant are so far unanswered. Huh. I am stuck yet again with what to make for baby’s lunch, given that she is so variable in her eating likes and also eats differently when she’s with my mom. I can feel the crunch time coming at work where the list of what I need to do this semester comes crashing up against the date of my winter break (okay, I usually say Christmas holidays but I KNOW that is not politically correct). I would like to escape for a while. To a quiet, peaceful space where I can sleep in, get over the rest of my cold, cuddle up with a good book and hot tea and watch the snow fall. Sweet winter dreams.

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