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Turns out I was indeed getting sick yesterday. Still feeling low: sore, scratchy throat and chest feels full. However, compared to most illnesses this is nothing so I’m not complaining. Being sick when you have a baby is a whole new experience. Good-bye long lie-ins in bed with tea and a good book! Hello walking girlie around the house and playing baby games all day! Though again, why complain? Husband took baby out for a walk and I’ve had some time to myself.
What did I do with my time? Well … okay, I admit it. I’ve chored it out. Clearing/cleaning from breakfast. Putting away the rest of the clothes from my trip. Picking outfits for the week (with a level of detail I haven’t done before: jackets, belts, bras). Taking down winter coats, putting away fall jackets.

I also dumped a few more things in the give-away box. Inspired by this blog, I’m moved to add one item of daily decluttering to my life. I’d like to downsize our stuff even if we don’t downsize our space for a while. Since yesterday, I’ve added the following items to our give-away box:

  • 2 baby toques (don’t fit)
  • 2 washcloths (don’t absorb water)
  • a button I won’t wear
  • too-tight baby tights
  • socks
  • a book (I don’t feel like reading about infidelity disguised as finding yourself)
  • 1 small purse: strap is breaking, and it’s reached the end of its fit in my life
  • 1 movie (Footloose! Recommend. Anyone local want this on dvd?)
  • 3 baby headbands that never really worked

Nothing huge yet, though I have my eye on some of our glasses: we have enough and these are outliers to the set. I also am feeling a paper purge coming on as I haven’t decluttered our filing cabinet in a while. As I mentioned, my paper stash has dwindled significantly but I still have too much. OH for a streamlined office!!! I’m thinking about also finding what papers I can scan and discard, just to free up filing space.

One strategy I haven’t fully implemented yet, though, is the “one in, one out” rule. I would think that this would be something I”d jump on, but not yet. I sometimes like my stuff, and even if I get a new BLANK, remain attached to the old BLANKETY BLANK. Winter jackets are a good example. I now have only 2 long down winter coats :). I had 3 last year but got rid of the biggest, ugliest one with the zipper that sometimes went. I think I’ll eliminate the fancier, prettier but maybe a tiny bit too tight one next, leaving me with a fully functional wardrobe of ONE serious winter coat. And though as soon as I wrote that my mind jumped to wanting a lovely stylish cloth coat for those times between “fall jacket that’s warmish” and “wow it’s cold! Break out the down!”, reason stepped in and told me that I don’t need more. I don’t need more!

Now to seize the last few minutes before the return of husband and baby. Pay a bill or two; read a book?!; sort papers??? We’ll see.

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