Mix it up

Slow, lazy day today. I think I might be a tiny teeny bit sick. Baby slept for a 4 hour stretch last night plus some other bits. I think maybe more sleep is making me sleepy. Anyhow, I feel not great, it’s cold, and though the house is messy I don’t want to clean. Husband is napping, baby (after some effort) is napping, and I may do the same. Or just curl up and read. Aaaah.
Conversation with husband this morning about what we’re doing next. We think we’ve narrowed down the information we need to decide what to do about work, the house, etc. etc. Now we have to follow through, get the information and decide and implement. I hope we do it. I like to plan and do, and discussing without those two extra steps wears me out.

Baby this morning had the most massive poop. HUGE! Go baby!

Two more food prep for winter projects: a small box of plums (wash, cut & freeze for smoothies – not a huge fan of plum smoothies but better than no local, free, unsprayed fruit) and our ripening tomatoes (paste, probably). Baby seems to be allergic to tomatoes, or at least sensitive (flaring red eczema when she eats them). This is frustrating because she LOVES tomatoes, and they go well in so many dishes. However, health wins so we’re going to try taking them out of her diet for a while. Tomatoes, therefore, need to be quickly disposed of so she can’t see them and ask for them. Because we can’t say no.

Our amazing kettle (stainless steel, electric, has its own stand and teapot warmer) is leaking. I returned home to a pool of water on the counter. Unfortunate as we use it not only for tea but for heating water to warm baby’s bottles.

We went out for breakfast this morning to a great local spot. Good food, though too noisy. Baby loved it. The fans, the lights, the food. You could see our little extrovert getting into her element as she started riffing and shouting and talking it up. Then attacking a bagel (yum, yum, HUGE MOUTHFULS!). Then walking us up and down the restaurant and smiling at people. One woman was particularly taken, coming over to the table with “your baby is SOOOOO CUUUUUTE! Come look, [random man’s name].” Baby just smiles back. She’s good for making friends.

Off to rest/read/enjoy baby adorability.

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