Cutest Cutest

Our little 1-year-old continues to amaze me.
Crawling over with an open mouth so I can stuff some fried greens in.

Shaking a cloth napkin wildly in front of her face, big big grin!

Lifting up a whole tin filled with flour, arms wrapped around it, and rotating on her bum on the floor.

Climbing in and out of her Bumbo chair on the floor, sitting backwards and forwards and wiggling her feet out. And then putting bunny and donkey into the chair.

“Eh! Eh! Eh!” telling us what book she wants to read. And then what book next. And next. And only two pages of this one, please!

Little refuso playing in the bathtub, does not want to get out!

“MamamamaMA!” coming from the back seat of the car as I drive home.

Flopping onto the bed and lying there with a mischievous grin, waiting for mama or dada to tickle her, cuddle her, kiss her.

Hugging her teddy, donkey, bunny.


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