Keep it Simple: Birthday edition

Today we had baby’s birthday party. A big, blow-out party, you ask? No. We agree that for our family, we want to keep celebrations family-focused, comfortable and nurturing rather than frenetic, healthy, and affordable. We’re starting with her first birthday and hope to keep it up.
We had family over – 6 guests total. My mom brought a great 7-layer dip. We made burritos (I made refried beans; husband fried up some fish, plus assorted other toppings). The food for the meal was purchased in 2 outings though other food was purchased at the same time.

We made the cake – a chocolate zucchini cake – substituting honey for sugar. Baby loved it, though she didn’t have too much. Quick and easy using an internet recipe.

For drinks husband whisked up some frozen juice, frozen fruit and fizzy water. Then tea later.

Gifts: we specified that gifts were not necessary, and meant it. All the same, her cousin/uncle brought a wonderful assortment of clothes. My parents gave her a set of books which she loves. We got her a 2nd hand xylophone, some crayons (she adores them! Wants to eat them! When I took one away, she kept on looking around her, side to side, down by her bum, making “uh UH!” noises, until I gave it back. Then, SMILES!), and a small stack of books, some new, some second hand. Plus the binder of magazine pictures I’ve been putting together. All in all, more gifts than I planned but all ones that she will enjoy.

We didn’t plan fancy games, timelines, or anything much, really. We enjoyed being with family; We enjoyed the delicious food; we were glad to celebrate one year with this amazing girl.

And even with that low level of excitement, it was enough for her to get wound up. She wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t nurse. Bedtime tonight was a bit rougher than usual. So worth celebrating, and so glad we didn’t do something more hyped, much though I would have loved to invite more friends over.

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