One of those days

I’d love to write something more uplifting. So here’s a combo.
Today was one of those days. Baby slept in until 8 which would have been great on the weekend but made the morning kind of rushed. At work just in time for a multi-hour training call with Vancouver. I realized as we started that I had NOT prepared properly for the role play I was doing – the main part of the training – so looked bad in front of coworkers and supervisor. And at the end of the meeting, finding myself having trailed off and lost focus way too much, found out that we all need to do homework for the next one based on that meeting. I swear, I don’t know why I have such a hard time paying attention during phone meetings, but I can’t keep focused if my life depends on it.

Then just off, got an urgent call about a situation that wasn’t my work really but needed something done about (amazing grammar!). So I spent 2 hours calling/running around to 8+ offices to sort it out. And then was rewarded with a curt, grumpy phone response from the person I was trying to help. He did write later to apologize, appreciated, but argh.

In amongst other work, didn’t get to the big work I needed to do today, and then was called at 4 with a baby asking urgently for her mama. So I went home.

Just nursed/bottled/rocked her to bed now. Am wiped.

High points: driving my sleeping baby home. A successful transfer to bed. Sweet, sweet baby love and kisses and bonding time. Some good conversations at work. Husband coming home and a nice evening together. Lots of good. But am ready for a new day tomorrow.

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