Long weekend. So great, so fast.
With our girl’s increasing vocabulary recognition, tonight I found myself having to SPELL A WORD so she wouldn’t tune in to what I was saying. She loves the picture of the little girl on the dishsoap bottle and I didn’t want her to play with it, so I spelled “girl.” She now recognizes a lot of words. I was telling husband about how funny she thinks it is when I sign “milk” while she’s nursing, and she looked up and made the “milk” sign. So much fun!

I may be reaching some peace with the fact that I do not seem able to feel any peace about my breastfeeding struggle. It’s been one year and I still get as upset some days as I did at the beginning. I don’t know why I can’t let it go, but I haven’t been able to as yet. I suggested to husband today that I quit work so I could stay home and focus on making milk. He smiled and explained the other benefits the family gets from my job. But. I want more milk.

At around 5:00 tonight husband got nostalgic for Thanksgiving dinners of old. So he (with a little me) ran out to Safeway for some turkey and whipped up a multi-course dinner: mashed potatoes with garlic, creamed corn, beets, and pumpkin cake for dessert.

We found some time this weekend for some family short and long-term planning. Still figuring out what to do about the house, renos, finances, family. Still a work in progress, but we’re making plans.

And now for a 3-day week!

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