Figuring out the body

Well, tonight we decided that I would go off the elimination diet. Why? I really don’t know. But I was hungry, and tired of being hungry.
We went out for pizza for dinner. Baby thoroughly enjoyed herself. So did we. And after dinner … my stomach didn’t feel so great! This is the longest stretch I’ve gone without wheat or dairy. And admittedly, it didn’t feel great. It wasn’t like I had a sudden surge of energy, or improved digestion, or a better mood. In fact, I was hungry most of the time for weeks and exhausted. But that dinner, delicious though it was, didn’t settle well.

So who knows what I’ll learn out of this process. Maybe there are foods I’ll limit or take out of my diet. Or maybe not.

Regardless: it was nice to be able to eat what I wanted tonight, and to feel full after eating for a change.

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