I’m feeling some peace today. Not quite sure why, but it’s good.
I’m quite exhausted – early mornings with no nap – but feel okay about it.

Girlie is sick (a cold) but we’re dealing with it.

The drive to/from work, while still not really fun, has a lot more moments of calm lately as I play a CD of African lullabies for her.

Work is kind of intense and still too much but I’m getting it done. And my backlog isn’t as bad as it was.

Actually saw a couple of friends at work today and had some visiting time, which was lovely.

A family situation seems to be resolving itself one way or another.

Home with the family, going to blog and eat (baby already in bed) and get to sleep early tonight.

And, I think, feeling family unity and connectedness and focus, and it feels good.

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