Live life with zest (and spices)

Out to dinner tonight, our girl gave us a good example of how to get the most out of life.
Out to a restaurant with husband’s relatives, she was signing for a while that she wanted to eat. We tried pretty much everything we’d brought: steamed yam, beans, broccoli, rice cake, fried zucchini, plum. Nope. She did want some milk from the bottle, but then was still saying “eat” but not eating anything. In fact, the food was being used to demonstrate her backhand as she rifled it onto the carpet. Bing! Bam! Zap! Down it goes! We were at a loss.

Then my dishes arrived: mushroom fried rice and dal. Simple but flavourful. So she came and sat on my lap and dug in. And in. Spoonful after spoonful with no break! “More! More!” she kept on signing. “Eat! Eat!” she said. I was able to sneak in random mouthfuls between her bites. Occasionally when I was too slow she’d reach out and grab some rice or a mushroom. The food got in and stayed in, unlike the mess of the prior meal attempt.

After a break for water and bathroom, she resettled on my lap and kept on chowing down. Now I tried the dal, which had some definite kick to it. I mixed a tiny bit with rice to subdue the intensity. She liked it. She wanted “more”. I kept going. I was sure at some point she’d spice out, but no. She loved it! We were amazed at how much food that little person could pack away, and how much she was enjoying herself. “mmm, mmm” she said as she ate.

Life life. Enjoy the experiences. Go for the best. Savour each moment.

And cook some tastier food for the baby!


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