Typical Evening

Tonight was fairly typical of how work nights go. Fine but long. It’s 11:30.  How did this happen?
Pick up baby from work. Try to nurse. Pack up and leave.

Most pleasantly, she fell asleep on the way home after a few complaints. Sweet sweet baby. I try to enjoy the drive time each day, though I find it hard to see a purpose to it. When she’s sleeping at least it is peaceful for both of us.

Back home was another typical challenge – got sleeping baby inside, but she woke, and nursing/feeding was a bit unhappy. After that she cheered up and was amazing and adorable! She also wanted to be held. So I popped her in the Ergo and carried her around for the next hour as I made dinner. We talked a bit, and I fed her a bit, but mainly she just hung out with her mom. It was wonderful. Relaxing, bonding, comfortable, so full of love.

Time did fly. By 7:30 we were having some food and waiting for dad to get home. And then she got the poop face and we dashed to the toilet. Success! Incidentally, in her new stage of maturity she wants to do things for herself, including sitting on the toilet and standing on counters. Whenever I hold her now, she pushes my hands away and tried to do it on her own. Yay for her! However, I sneak my hands back in for all situations where falling is a risk.

Daddy’s return was bathtime, nurse time, then, instead of bed, playtime! I gave up and let her crawl off the bed and around the house. We had some lovely moments watching her play with her blocks, taking them out of the bag, chewing them, putting some back in …

Eventually it was time for another try and this time she fell asleep, pretty easily actually. And husband and I tackled laundry and dishes and food prep for tomorrow. We now have an apple crumble & curried potatoes in the fridge ready to bake, and lentils soaking for dinner tomorrow.

And now it’s late. It’s been a good day. I want to be with my daughter more. I know she has a great time wtih her grandma. I enjoy my work. I want to stay home. Back and forth and time for bed.


  1. Sounds very eventful. I fully relate when you say she’s grizzly but then shining happy – and it makes you smile. It’s nice how daddy comes home.

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