I think this is my 68th post. Over 2 months of blogging once/day. Yay!
I’m feeling a little burnt out!

Sometimes I have things to say. Sometimes I don’t. And rarely do I have a big chunk of time to reflectively write.

Sometimes, that’s my fault. Like tonight. Baby in bed by 8. Not much to do. It’s now 10:30 and I’m just starting to blog. Where does the time go?!

Usually, that’s just life. Like last night. Baby didn’t go to bed until after 10. And then there was kitchen clean-up to do. Not optimal for relaxed writing.

I would like to step back a bit from this process and think about where I’m at with peace. I may do that tomorrow.

For today, I’m just going to summarize some highlights.

*Adorable baby eating and playing with a pair in the store. Messinator, that’s my girl!

*Test-driving some bicycles at the bike shop – I don’t have one, and want/need one!

*Actually making the two fall purchases that I wanted to this weekend: fall work shoes, and a fall/spring jacket.

*Sweetie adorable baby, all the time! Including peeing in the parking lot at the bike shop – go girlie!

*Yummy yummy stir-fry for dinner (ready at 7:30): onions, potatoes, chard, kale & mushrooms. Lots of grapeseed oil and some salt. Perfect!

*A shower & clean sheets on the bed.

*Adorable sleeping baby who’s already managed to kick the sheets off twice.

*A phone call from a friend who had some insight into milk production, eczema and related issues. Great information, interesting to think about. I need to get myself some glutathione (I hear my mom cheering somewhere …).

Okay – going to make up some bottles for the night and go lie down with cutest adorablest sweetest baby.

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