Expectations and Elimination

Today’s lunch: better than anticipated. I was there first, sitting with baby, and a friendly face came around the corner. We recognized each other; he brought a gift for baby which she enjoyed.
It’s interesting for me to consider what I expected. I was expecting a high-powered, full-of-himself networking-obsessed status-seeking go-getter. The type of person that leaves me insecure, envious and critical all at the same time. I thought I might leave the lunch feeling slightly worse about myself, my career, my choices, but having put on a good face for the same of collaboration.

In fact, lunch was delightful. He and his wife were both friendly and down to earth. And super-smiley. Their son was sweet and quiet, though they swear he’s more sociable in other settings. We talked about kids and life and also the work he’s doing at UBC – but not in an obsessed, must cram everything into this meeting way. I was able to share a bit, he talked about possibilities, it was useful and interesting without being exhaustive.

His wife, a lovely woman, was nice enough to watch the kids play on the floor for the last little bit so he and I could finish a couple quick thoughts. The kids played together really well, took turns, laughed. Baby pulled her “shaking the bars, head banging and screaming” routine on a side-table, to our collective amusement.

We finished the lunch with hopes that we’d see each other again. And that was lunch.

Elimination diet-wise, we’re continuing with that. We stopped using breast milk yesterday (we still have about 6 bags but we’ll wait to use them). I am working to be super careful about what I eat. I need protein, so I’m eating more salmon. And taking supplements. By next Monday – if we persist and this still seems like a good plan – we can start introducing the first food. I think I’ll try egg, as it’s a good fast source of protein. One new food every 3 or 4 days, watch for a reaction.

I do find myself hungry. Hence the late-night salmon patty tonight. Nothing like an intense dose of protein to ward off hunger. I ate it while watching another episode of Drop Dead Diva – the last of Season 1 (yay and sigh!). It wasn’t the most fun thing at lunch today to eat my salad with none of my usual exciting fun yummy toppings, while they ate yummy hot grilled cheesy sandwichy delights. Sigh. Soon enough!

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