Long Day

I wish my recent posts were a bit more uplifting. However, I’m feeling more pulled in too many directions. With high points, but tired at the end.
Saw the dermatologist this morning. Helpful to see an expert; helpful information. Basically we’re going to continue the food elimination but try and do it as quickly as possible. And then get her back to a regular diet, assuming no allergies. And there are some other things we can do.

Busy busy day at work. Meetings, emails, work work. And still lots of big chunks of stuff I didn’t have time to get to. But, exciting meetings, new ideas, great possibilities.

Full evening. Baby still not sleeping. We’re just cooking dinner now – 9:30. But I did get to video chat with a friend from Russia living in China – great!!

Not bad, overall. But I want to go to bed.

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