Body Update

So, finally something about a very important topic: body and health. Yes, I do agree that the limited time I give it on the blog reflects at least to some degree the low priority I place on self-care. Unfortunate!
Since baby was born, choosing to have time just to myself has not been that important to me. Yes, there are periods in every day when I want a few minutes (or an hour) breather, and sometimes I get it. At the same time, I love being with my girl and also think it’s important for her to have her mom around as much as possible. The result is that until today, I hadn’t made time since she was born to go to an exercise class. Or go dancing. Or really do much of anything just for me.

Today I attended a yoga class at the university. It started at 4:45, just at the end of the workday. It lasted only one hour. If I were to find the least disruptive way to get exercise, this would probably be it. No additional travel time; moving straight from work to exercise to picking up baby. Even knowing this, it is amazing the level of emotional resistance I had – have – to taking this class. I am already away from my girl for almost 9 hours each day. That is crazy!! I do not want to postpone my evening time with her one little bit. But at the same time I know that I need to care for my body. I need to keep strong and limber. I need to maximize good health so that I can be a good mom and be around for as long as possible with her. But still!

The class did feel good for my body. Some of the poses were definitely held longer than my legs could manage. But I just adjusted as need be and let my body stretch, tone and relax.

Baby was fine when I picked her up. However, it was later than usual and she was tireder than usual. The trip home involved two crying stops and I didn’t get back until 7:20. We will see how sustainable that routine is.

Other body news: since some time in August I’ve lost 10 pounds. I’m now only 8 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant. And I don’t need to get back to that weight – though I could drop a few more, I’m good with where I’m headed now. I wasn’t okay with the extra 10 pounds, though. I knew it was fine, but it didn’t feel like me.

What’s my magical weight loss secret? Returning to work. The walk from the parking lot to my office is 7 minutes of uphill. I work on the 3rd floor and rarely take the elevator; I can be up and down stairs a number of times per day. And I’m sure rushing through my work all day helps too.

My new diet – as of a week now – may also be influencing my weight. No dairy, for one. And I’m eating less because there’s less I can eat.

Sleep is another body issue. Last night was great that way. Baby went to bed at 8 and only woke up twice. Brilliant! I had enough milk to feed her since my body had time to recharge, so we also didn’t have to get up to get a bottle. Aaaah … looking forward to her growth and longer sleep cycles.

Morals: bad things can be good (I was upset about my distant parking lot but it’s good for my health). Self-care matters. Babies do change your life and priorities. Making peace with who you are and what you can do is good.

Now this tired mama is going to bed.

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