Thinking about prayer. About how important it is; how many aspects of life can benefit from prayer; how I can pray more.
I think about my daughter’s eczema, which is getting worse. I’m so glad we’re going to a specialist next week, and that I’m pursuing this diet (talk about a change in attitude from yesterday!). I will do what I can to help find a remedy. And I know that prayer is part of that. In fact, husband and I figured out that we need to get on the same page and pray together for her if we really want to maximize her healing. Not sure yet what that looks like, but it’s something we would like to move towards. Though I don’t know HOW it will help, I know it will. Whether through spiritual-mystical-movements of the cosmos that magically heal her; through finding the right doctor, right book, right webpage, right conversation that leads us to a solution; through insight and inspiration; I know that somehow, prayer will lead us there.

I also want to become more systematic and diligent with my own prayers. I’m not up for making more of a commitment than that at the moment, but I know it’s important.

I also think about the importance of praying for others. There are so many people and problems in the world crying out for prayer. We could all spend our lives in prayer (which does not preclude actively living our lives; the two can be simultaneous). I know it’s a practice I try to integrate into what I do. If I know you and you’ve gone through a difficult time, the chances are pretty good I’ve prayed for you. Just telling you :). And I want to do that more.

I also want to pray with other people. Oh wait, I’ve written about that already. Well, it’s still true. I think that is a goal I can pray about, too!

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