Were it not for this blog, I would be sleeping right now beside my adorable baby.
But here I am.

And with just a few updates, there I go. Long week, no nap today, I need to sleep.

We saw the doctor for baby’s eczema today. He’s referred us to a dermatologist and supports my going on a food elimination diet. So as of now I am not eating: wheat, dairy, citrus, tomatoes, corn, eggs, chocolate, soy, strawberries, raspberries, nuts.

What is left? Grains, vegetables, some fruit, legumes, seeds. Occasionally salmon.


But eczema is not peaceful skin, so I am going to do whatever it takes to find a remedy for her. Though I hope this doesn’t turn into another breastfeeding-like battle, where I try absolutely everything and still don’t succeed. I do not feel like learning that lesson (acceptance) again.

And a few weeks of hunger really shouldn’t be something to complain about. I am trying to take it in good spirit and get some perspective on it. My hunger is nothing compared to the suffering of millions. So though I am still irritated by it – oh well.

Good night!


  1. Camz-dear! all my sympathies, positive thoughts and prayers for being a super Mama! <3

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