Tonight I really feel like complaining.
I want to write out the things I want to complain about.

Just one or two … please?

I also do not feel like blogging. I want to sleep. Now.

However, I’m going to dig a bit and write at least one thing peace-related.

I’ve been noticing at work that there are a great group of women right around my age – late 30s, early 40s. I’m getting to know more of them through work and it is probably the best part about work right now. I like them! And I could be friends with them. I’m in a different emotional state now than I was a year ago. I feel more confident and relaxed. More focused at work. It’s good. I think I’m finally thinking of myself as a competent adult, as a peer with colleagues, and as someone that others might want to be around and work with. It’s good.

Good night!

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