Time, Time, Time

I can’t believe the busyness lately. And I know this topic is getting repetitive. But really: where does the time go?? Up first thing with baby. Rush rush to get to work – get there 2 – 3.5 hours later (??? eating, feeding, cleaning, dressing, packing, loading car, driving, unloading car, settling baby, maybe nursing, drive to work and walk to office). Work is kind of crazy right now. soooo many meetings and plans to set up for the year, plus start-of-year connections and presentations. And again, there’s that working full time in 4 days thing.
After work: see baby. Nurse or pump. Feed her and/or eat myself. Drive home (the longer drive!). Feed, nurse, play, wash, play, walk, bed. And it’s after 9. Bottles, food prep, laundry, cleaning, blog, and if I”m lucky, some paperwork.

How do parents of multiples do it? How do people without partners do it? I don’t get it.

And baby keeps growing. So smart and sweet and beautiful! She said “teddy” today!! Smartie-pie!

And time: I want time with her. I want to watch her play with her cousin – they are insanely adorable and love love each other, giving hugs and kisses and body slams.

Tonight feels like there’s actually time. I cleaned my desk – yay! I got to the dishes and laundry. The house is amazingly clean after husband’s Monday cleaning.

Tomorrow. Clubs days. I just found out yesterday, booked a table today. Set up, prepare for meeting, have meeting, staff table, do two interviews for student workers, take down table, other urgent work. And pump twice. Time?!

I hope to be more inspiring tomorrow. We will see what comes!

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