Peaceful sleep?

Some thoughts on the relationship between peace and sleep.
Sleep = peace

Sick, teething, overtired = no sleep = no peace

Not sleeping long enough = not really peace

Nursing to sleep = peace and beauty

Trying to nurse to sleep but having your defective breasts run out of milk = awake, crying baby = no sleep and no peace

Inner peace as you try to soothe baby to sleep = sleep and peace

Falling asleep = crying, resisting, fussing, waking up when you’ve fooled mom into thinking you’re finally asleep = not peace

Sleeping long enough to get well rested = waking up smiley instead of cry-y = peace and a relieved mom and dad

Finally falling asleep = ultimate peace and mom satisfaction followed by a feeling of loss: my baby is asleep and I am going to leave her here in this room while I go do other things!

Sleeping beside the man you love and your beautiful, funny, fun, adorable, full-of-life baby = peaceful sleep

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