Environmental Process

Today, as promised, was dedicated to a massive home & yard clean-up before the week starts. While keeping my eyes on the goal I paid particular attention today to enjoying the process and appreciating moments. The result was productivity, joy and satisfaction even though the goal was not met.
A few examples:

I managed to get a lot done (multiple loads of laundry, washed hung and put away; multiple rounds of dishes and kitchen cleaning; general cleaning and organization; a full sort of her clothes as small ones are purged and next size up are pulled into rotation) while focusing on baby first. I was there when she needed me, we played, we cuddled, I carried her, we went to watch Daddy work, we had a great day.

Though it wasn’t in the initial plans, husband and a friend tackled the yard again today, making huge progress. Then they moved onto installing the rest of the wrought iron on the front fence. Though the house isn’t clean yet, I’m celebrating what is done rather than nit-picking over what isn’t.

Putting her to bed tonight. She didn’t want to go to sleep so I put her in the Ergo and walked around the house, doing some cleaning, feeding her snacks, hugging and kissing her, and enjoying the closeness.

And then once in bed, after nursing, bottle and cuddling to sleep, she woke up as I was getting ready to leave the room. Though I had been reveling in the the goodnight experience – soft warm baby, gorgeous sweet sleeping face, peace and quiet – I was also fantasizing about my post-bedtime indulgence: hot shower, blogging, final chores, a chapter from my book and then the remains of yesterday’s mint-oreo blizzard with Drop Dead Diva (Yes, I can make even a small ice cream treat last for 2 or more servings). Though this plan seemed to be delayed indefinitely, I didn’t get bummed. I rejoiced in the warmth from her sweet body as we curled up again on the bed, my cheek against her hair.

Post-dinner, the kitchen is still/again a mess. Oh well! Dinner was DELICIOUS (steamed/fried beans, mushrooms & onions; corn on the cob; home made veggie burger on a bun). It will be clean eventually. It’s certainly several loads of dishes ahead of where it was this morning.

I’m sure it helps that it’s a long LONG weekend for me – 4 days from Friday through Monday. I know that tomorrow can be both relaxing and final prep for my upcoming 3-day week. Nonetheless, I know that my enjoyment of today had a lot to do with my choice to enjoy the moment and the process without putting too much pressure on us to get it all done.

Now: there’s a blizzard calling my name!

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