I’m still o:2 on naps for this 4-day weekend, but that’s not slowing down my enjoyment of a good day.
Baby slept in until 8. We shared a smoothie and then the whole family went up to the blueberry patch to pick. Baby & I picked together for a while, then husband took her while I kept picking. 4.25 pounds later they were played out and she was ready to nurse and nap briefly.

We went to VV next where I found a few shirts and some shorts. I’m still searching for the ideal volume of clothes: enough for variety and to feel well-dressed, not so many that things get lost in the closet. With these few items I feel a bit closer.

Then home (via fast-food snacking) and a mixture of play/nurse/relax in the afternoon. When baby still didn’t go down for a nap I took her out for a walk in the stroller. She crashed and I let her sleep outside while I did some much-needed gardening. I tackled some pruning of our out-of-control bushes and pulled some of the more obnoxious weeds. I also plucked the ripe blueberries from our bushes. I find gardening one of the most satisfying and rejuvenating activities for me.

Once inside and awake, baby & I played some more. She seems to have grown up overnight once again – suddenly she looks like a toddler and seems so much more aware, mature, engaged. I swear she learned the word “more” over the course of a single play session as I’d bounce her, stop when she leaned in for a cuddle, and then asked if she wanted “more.”

Husband got to work on yard work as well, along with some helpers, and it’s so soothing to see the yard start to look habitable again.

Dinner was nachos and Drop Dead Diva, then rinse, nurse, play with baby. Husband took her for a walk when it became clear she wasn’t going to sleep of her own accord. I was able to restore some order to the front room, put in a load of laundry, and settle in for a snack and more DDD. He came home with a sleeping baby on his chest and we just put her down in bed. Time now to blog, eat, relax and sleep, hopefully soon.

Today I could have let myself get really frustrated and upset over how completely out of control our house has become recently. It honestly has hit a level of disorganization that is near my scream threshold. Instead of assorted not-so-productive options (blame, get angry, get depressed, ignore baby and clean like a maniac) I decided to focus on unity in my family, and enjoying the day as it came. The result was wonderful. We had a great day together. I actually took on shared responsibility and went into the yard to work. I expressed my feelings and needs (a completely clean house by the end of the weekend) and we planned how to make that happen while enjoying ourselves and taking care of ourselves. And we had fun, all of us.

Looking forward now to cleaning day tomorrow!

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