4 oz

Today was my first full day at work. I had a video conference training/working session on the new policy for our office’s work with my Vancouver colleagues. I survived.
Baby was up just before 6; she nursed when she woke up and fell asleep on the way to my mom’s. I was able to carry her in and lay her down successfully with a bit of help and I left my sleeping angel at 8:30. By 9:00 I was ready to pump since the session started at 9:30. Just made it in time! I snacked my way through the morning with 1.5 granola bars, 1.5 cookies from mom, some spicy tortilla chips, orange juice, water, and a turnip. Thank God for the turnip, sparing me from a carb overload.

Lunch was 45 minutes. I spent about 20 minutes wandering campus looking for some place open and not too busy to buy lunch. Ended up with two bagel “sandwiches” from Tim Horton’s as the best option. Then pumped again in my office, just getting back in time.

After work I headed home to greet my happy, not hungry girl. I pumped again.

Grand total after 3 full pumping sessions: 4 ounces. I’m finding it a bit hard not to be discouraged by this meager result. Some women easily get this and more in a single session. On the bright side: I have milk. And doing this will help keep the supply I have. Taking a deep breath and trying to feel slightly positive about this. I think that’s the extent of my personal peace learning for the day: look at the half-full bottle instead of the half-empty one. I think we’ll start making formula this weekend (goat’s milk + other ingredients).

Baby seems to be doing well at mom’s. She and her cousin “play” together and it’s great. They will greet each other, grab each other’s toys, follow each other and terrorize the dog together. They also usually enjoy eating together. It certainly helps to know that she is being nurtured and enjoying her days. I still don’t like being away from her, though. It doesn’t feel right.

On that note … she fell asleep on the way home by 7 p.m. and is sleeping now. She didn’t nap a lot today so I guess it’s bedtime for her. I am sitting in my writing area and plan to do a bit of paper sorting when done this post, and maybe some down time, before an early bedtime.


  1. So interesting to reflect with you on the early days of parenthood as I face the the year or so ahead beofre my oldest leaves the nest. Thank you for sharing!

    • Nice to hear from you K. Lynne! It’s a funny thing being at the start of this process at my age. I’m glad to hear stories from people at all stages and ages – phases I can’t even imagine getting to when I look at the tiny “big girl” we have.

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