Keeping calm when life gets busy

I think this is may be one of the definitions of peace. It’s not something in which I excel. When I become inundated with to-dos they tend to take over my life. And then calm vanishes, peace of mind is gone, and I’m rushing all the time to get everything done.
The last couple of weeks have felt pretty busy. Starting back at work, learning how to get out of the house for the day, managing the work, getting supplies (clothes & office) for work, keeping basic house cleaning going, and trying to spend time with people. It’s adding up to late nights, rushing around and not enough being in the moment.

Tomorrow is a bit of an example of crazy busyness. It’s my day “off”. There are lots of good things happening (visits with friends and family) but so many of them that it feels like I have something happening every hour of the day. I am wondering how I will get baby down for naps, if I will get a nap, when I’ll find time just to relax. The need to see people is something I’ll think about later – I know I need to get out more and spend time with friends – but right now my main concern is the sense that what should be good has become busy and should-like.

And I know there are some very simple answers to all this. Pray. Breathe and meditate. Sleep. Exercise. Be positive. Yes, I could use more of all of those. Getting back to tackling those on a daily basis surely will go a long way to remedying this stress. But right now, I’m tired; I want more nothing time to just be; I want a finished, clean house to relax in; I want the chance to sleep in and read a book and watch some tv. And then write.

For now, I’m going to pay a couple bills on line and shower and eat a snack and go to bed and remember to breathe, as the bare minimum, to keep me happy and enjoying things as tomorrow comes rolling by.

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