Random Day

Today did not rate high on the peace-o-meter.
Baby was up until 10 the night before and I was wiped from 3 intense days in training. Sore, itchy throat last night and this morning. I tried to do too much in the morning then rush up to mom’s before baby’s first nap – so was stressed and forgot lots of stuff. Had a panic/stress moment leaving the house when I realized I had nothing work-appropriate to wear. How does that happen? Ended up at the office for 3 hours – longer than planned – rushing frantically to try and get prepped for the fall. Made a trip to Value Village for clothes with baby which wasn’t bad but the car was hot and she didn’t enjoy the trip and I felt quite neglectful as I raced through the racks and change rooms. Then a long trip home (two stops, lots of crying). Asleep by 9:15, one wake-up so far. And she has a cold and stuffy nose – long night ahead.

Several people recommended breathing as a way to calm down. I was not in the mood.

I’m not loving work at the moment. I miss my baby. The house is still a mess and I don’t enjoy that. I’m tired. And I need to move beyond a lot of mom guilt over not giving baby the attention and interaction she deserves.

Good moments: some nice moments in the morning with hubby & baby, eating and talking. Finding lots of great clothes for her in her “next size up” box. Getting my office & workload to an understandable state – I know what to do next even if it is a lot. Hugging & nursing sweet baby. Seeing family. Finding clothes for work at VV (yes, it is my main shopping location). Being home now.

And tomorrow is another day.

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