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I ask you: what is better than rolling around naked on your bed with a happy, fresh-from-the-bath baby?
That, plus your husband cleaning up after a reno and making the back room look amazing, you say? Yes!

Today I encountered quite a few things that brought me peace and joy related to the body and our environment. Starting with dressing up to start work today: I wore nice normal clothes plus earrings and even nice shoes for the first time in a long time! I was comparing myself (yes, I know. Oh well.) with a woman from work who comes across as very professional, competent, dignified and capable of handling high-level meetings. I like and respect her. The difference between us (aside from her lack of use of the words “like”, “awesome!”, “bummer!” and “cool”)? She dresses the part. Hair neatly managed, simple and classy make-up, and adult clothes. I am reminded of my sister’s comment on a pair of pants I almost bought recently: “Those are twenty-year-old pants. And you can pull them off if that’s the look you want.” Sigh. I’m not 20. I’m almost twice 20. At least I don’t wear belly-baring clothes to work anymore. I kind of would love to project a capable image at work, and that means dressing more competently on a daily basis. Which I kind of like. Awesome!

Then after work baby & I walked to city park and played in the water park again. It’s a new favourite get-away. She LOVES walking around in the water, screaming, and splashing. Then pointing at birds and people. And waving. The walking, the water, enjoying being in the sun and heat – it’s all about taking care of my body and enjoying life. I’ve been walking more lately as I try to make the most of the time I have, and my body appreciates it. My husband – bless him – doesn’t think I should lose any more weight, but I really would love to drop at least 10 pounds post-baby and get my stomach back. Fitter body + the regular exercise to stay that way = better mental state and more joy. I.e., one of my peace goals. Incidentally, my new parking spot, though problematic from the perspective of rapid baby access, does add some exercise to my day as it is an uphill 5 – 7 minute walk from there to my office.

And the renos on the house are really moving forward. We were able to put away most things in the pantry (just a few drawers left to build) and the back room is back in order too. Amazing transformation! As the house gets back into shape, feeling better than ever, my sense of peace at being home grows. And as we’re better able to get to maintenance tasks like laundry and cooking in a better-organized space, peace in our daily routine sets in.

Just as humans are spiritual and physical beings, and require care for both aspects of our nature, so peace is both spiritual – our thoughts, our hopes – and physical – our actions, plans, interactions. I like trying to care for both aspects.

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  1. Hi Kamilla! I’m reading your blog and it’s great! I’m glad you had a good day, for both body and mind ๐Ÿ™‚

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