Fun and Joy

Two things I need more of! I’m way too good at being on task and getting things done. Useful skills, good for my job, helpful for having a clean house and well-functioning life, but not necessarily conducive to a life well lived. Oh, I agree with the argument that having things in order (physically, logistically) and avoiding the chaos of NOT getting things done makes one’s life better. Knowing where to find things, bills paid on time and personal business out of the way certainly enhances my inner peace and frees me to enjoy more of the rest of the time I have available.
The problem is, I don’t always make the most of the rest of the time! The doing takes over. Even though I don’t believe in multitasking, I find myself trying to cram in more work (fill dishwasher, put laundry to soak, clean sink, make a phone call, prep for dinner, wow the list goes on!). And even though I believe in taking time to breathe and enjoy, the inner urge to DO while the do-ing is possible wipes out those spots of rejuvenation and be-ing.

I would like to do a few things towards increasing the fun and joy in my life. First: make work fun. Yesterday Baby & I made the bed. It’s a king-sized bed with lots of pillows, so it takes a bit of manoeuvering in our smallish room. It’s not my favourite task. But Baby loves to play in sheets and floaty fabrics and things over her head. So I plunked her in the middle of the bed and flipped all the sheets and pillowcases over her head again and again as I stripped and made the bed. She loved it; I loved it; we had clean sheets last night. Brilliant.

Second, take micro-joy-moments. Since I started this project I’ve been finding myself appreciating little moments more. Holding eye contact with my daughter while she smiles at me. Letting myself relax and laugh when she shows me a new skills (she can wave! It’s amazingly beautiful!). Gazing at her when she nurses or falls asleep in my arms. Trying to hug my husband more and take time to do it right. Micro-moment, micro-joy, macro-rejuvenation and life enhancement.

Third: enjoy breaks just because. Sometimes in the past I would make a list of 10 errands to do in one day, and run myself ragged heading all over town to make sure every last one was DONE. Baby by her existence makes that impossible. She NEEDS breaks. To pee, eat, stretch out, play. So I slow down. Yesterday while she was sleeping I contemplated getting productive. Then I remembered that I start work this week (half days on Thurs. and Fri.) and I decided to enjoy sitting beside her while she slept, hand on her, and read. Rare and beautiful.

Fun and joy. More, please!

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