Make your own magic

Baby is still awake as I type, wriggling in a [break to go nurse wriggling and tired baby, followed by rocking sleeping baby, followed by walking with crying baby, followed by trying to lie baby down to sleep while still crying which actually works for the first time, combined with some gentle jiggling] carrier. It’s been a weekend full of work around the house and general busyness, but still good. It’s made me think about the elusive magic I sometimes imagine in other families, glimpsed through scenes in restaurants, images walking down the sidewalk, stories on Facebook or blogs, pictures passed around. What goes into that magic?
Comfort with who they are, with each other. Accepting who each other is and appreciating it.

Flexibilityto go with and enjoy what comes up instead of getting upset that it doesn’t fit with plans – such as putting baby to bed so they can go work on their blogs.

Attention to each other – focused love, knowing, seeing and being with each other that results in love, knowledge and pleasure in each other’s company

Creativity in spending time, creating with what is around, with words, sounds, space, materials, life

Enjoyment and making something of each moment

I realized that the magic I imagine in others’ lives may or may not be there, and that regardless, I can create the magic I dream of within my own life. So this weekend, though busy we had two picnics, one on our porch, the other in our yard. We took time to go to the beach with Baby and I let her walk me around and meet other babies and moms because that’s what Baby wanted to do. We went out to eat and made a mess but (nearly) didn’t worry about it. We took enjoyment in the tasks at hand and didn’t worry about our crazy messy house because we accept the process we’re going through to create the space we want to have. We ate out but also made meals by digging in the fridge and sometimes the garden. We hugged and kissed and spent little moments together. It was a good weekend.

I hope that the next time I compare the most challenging parts of my life with my imagination of how perfect someone else’s life is that I remember this lesson and slow down to appreciate what I have and create more of the magic I dream of for myself and my family.

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