More Moments

At some point I will break out and add something new to the routine, but for now, deepening the few things I’ve just started is extremely rewarding. It is satisfying to be praying more regularly. It is relaxing to be doing some breathing time (most) days. It is enriching and the whole point of it to be more in the moment with my daughter, connecting with her more and appreciating moments with her (some moments I still don’t fully appreciate, but I think I’m getting more out of the everyday moments).
I believe in the power of habit and that you become what you do regularly. Providing it strikes me as a good idea, I often only need to hear something once before I incorporate it into my life. Incredibly revealing example: once I learned that bacteria grow in wet dish sponges & cloths I began to squeeze them out fully after each use. Fun! Also: I remember a talk by Dr. Smith many years ago where he compared prayer to something – possibly a shield, possibly a force field – that protected you, and said that you shouldn’t even get out of bed without saying a prayer. The importance of a spiritual start to the day stuck with me, and for years, that’s what I did.

Though I’m only a few days into this experiment/experience, I know that concentrating on making these few things habits again will have far-reaching effects, far more than any one-time action I could take such as attending a retreat, going on a relaxing vacation, finally decluttering my closet or purchasing supplies for a new home office. I’m glad for whatever combination of inspiration, will and love have moved me to work on these few habits as the foundation for other changes. Inspiration also from friends who encouraged me when I told them about the idea – thank you!

As a result of being in the moment I got to experience 3 priceless moments with Baby today. First, I was driving and talking with her as she talked and played her maraca (great rhythm!). The shaking fell off as she fell asleep and I pulled over to prop her head up. As I adjusted her head she started awake, her eyes half-open, and she began to shake the maraca again, a sleepy little musician catching up with the band. I jiggled her and she went back to sleep, the music quiet again.

Later at my parents’ home, I was feeding my tired girl again. After a bottle she started crawling away from me on the bed, then flopped into a spread eagle, her head to one side, giggling. I cuddled her, she popped up and crawled further, and then collapsed again to more giggles.

Finally tonight, I called Husband over to watch a new game she plays I called the Giggle Game: she grabs a stuffed toy or piece of clothing, hugs and snuggles it, throws it, then leans forward to grab it again with a giggle. He was amazed as it reminded him of old videos he’s seen of yogis doing endless repeats of sun salutations and straight-legged forward bends. She got even more excited when we started doing it with her! That combined with her new habit of ujaya breathing confirms that she was a yogi in a previous life.

The end of another full day. We are in a renovation stage right now; decluttered the attic where we’ve been stuffing things we don’t know what to do with; and Husband is currently purging and storing his possessions to make space in the office for me to have a writing “room.” And now to bed with my sweet little true love.

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