I think I’ve posted multiple times already about how adorable she is. So one more time won’t hurt!When she’s eating something she likes, she says “umm, numm, nummm.”
She screams when she’s happy!
She spent about half an hour tonight playing on the bed with her new stuffed dog. She’d bounce the dog, chew the dog, throw the dog, roll on the dog, and giggle every time. Giggle!
She points!
She loves birds! Any time she spots a bird she instantly fixates. If I catch her staring in any direction, especially up, it’s probably a bird (or a flock of birds).
She’s learning what “no” means! I tell her “no” when she’s eating things she shouldn’t, and she seems to get it and SOMETIMES listens.
She now rolls all around the bed, over and over, and generally winds up horizontal (feet to me, head to M). Or she’ll roll over and cuddle into M to sleep.
Foods she loves: steamed greens, blueberries, frozen apricots, mushrooms, carbs (bread, pasta) veggie burger patties. We were giving her bits of a veggie patty and she reached out and grabbed a whole half and shoved it in her mouth. Go girl!
She can scoot! One leg bent, the other straight, she can get around. We play “Come and get it!” where I build a tower of blocks and she scoots over and knocks it down. Tonight she crawled into the base of her high chair and was playing in there.
She also loves standing, with our help or holding onto chairs, tables, etc. When holding on she’ll sometimes look back, smile a shaytoon grin, and push off backwards. Good thing we’re standing there!

She’s still nursing well, eating more and taking fewer bottles, getting more independent but still loves her mom and dad and family and friends. She’s the best baby – I’m so lucky.

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