Day 3: Persistence

Did I really just start a project involving writing a blog post every day for a whole year?
Yes I did. We will see how it unfolds, but for now it’s going one day at a time.

Today was a busier, crazier, sicker day than I planned. I hoped to get up early, go to my mom’s for a morning of leisurely writing as she watched Baby, then pick up some groceries and go on a fun walk with a friend.

Instead, we slept in ’til 8:30 because Baby went to bed late and woke up a lot; rushed out the door to mom’s; was busy the whole time there with feeding baby, nursing baby, putting baby to sleep, playing with baby, assorted chores/errands including some mending, visiting with old friends (delightful break!), a trip to the university to sign a form & check on things for my transition to work, trying to feed baby, laundry laundry laundry (we’re renovating our laundry room right now, and diapers can only sit for 2 days, I find, before the smell is overwhelming), crying baby, home and unpack and hang diapers, walk, feed baby & clean up, doctor’s appointment for a scratchy throat, make dinner, eat dinner, feed baby & clean up, bath, bed (i.e., 1.25 hours of trying to nurse while baby alternately plays and cries and finally succumbs to her exhaustion), dishes, pumping, fill bottles, pay bill online, then

my time. Blogging. Reading emails. Aaaah.

Lessons from today:

1. Always make time for friends. SOOO great to introduce them to Alya and see them again! And worth it to go walking with a friend, even if I had to rush a bit and I could have just kept myself busy with chores all day.

2. Take time to bond with and attend to baby. She’s been upset more than usual lately so I consciously slowed down and was patient, loving and calm with her. Taking time bonds me more with her, and promotes her security and well-being. Giving her relaxed, attentive time to eat her meals mean that eating is fun for her, she gets to fully explore her food and learn about it, and she eats as much as she needs.

3. No matter what happens, my attitude determines if it’s a good or bad day. Or a good or bad moment, more accurately.

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