Motherhood & Creativity

Over the past few months I’ve begun to percolate with ideas. I’m bursting with energy to make and create. Starting with crafts: I HAD to make headbands for my girl (4 of them – none really worked – who cares??) and have some new fabric to make 2 more. Then a purse: I’ve had the fabric forever, grey wool outside, funky white cotton with flowers inside, strap, fold-over flap … and then a diaper bag, for sure. Possibly a bag for work. Oh, and I want to modify our cooler bag to fit in the diaper bag and hold bottles better. Oh, and then one of those holders for the back of the passenger’s car seat. And a skirt, a light summer skirt, how hard could that be?
And writing. Aside from a constant urge to post to this blog, my mind keeps generating new ideas for writing projects. A series for a regional magazine. Revisions to papers I’ve written. A new blog (coming soon). Most recently a children’s book.

Where does this urge come from? My friends and write a lot about creativity and motherhood – the challenges and the inspiration. For me I wonder if having had such little time to myself since baby came has made me treasure even the possibility of creating, which is the ultimate expression of my individuality. Or if the amazingly creative act of bringing a child to this world and interacting with her constantly is inspiring me.

Whatever the source, I’m eager and excited to start to move more of the inspiration into reality. As I start phasing into work within a few weeks, this is going to require both discipline and creativity, to find the time, to prioritize creating over cleaning, and to book in chunks of time with childcare (i.e., grandma) to let me get to some of this. However it happens, baby will still be a number one priority. Creating, however, also needs to be, even if the time it gets won’t be as great. That’s okay. Just start – it will happen.

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