Getting Things Done vs. Being

I am currently being. Sort of. Napped with Alya this morning. Went shopping for plants and seeds at a cool seed farm (sunshine farms) on the edge of town – that was both, really. Lunch with a friend. Some bustling during nap#2 but now chilling in bed with tea, laptop & baby, waiting for another visitor.Still no meditating.
BUT: I did pull out fabric stash this morning! For a practical project (home-made saran wrap: ) AND a fun crafty idea for Alya – to be revealed.

Just need that daily meditation. As I thought – I’m letting my intellect dwell on the need for it but not getting my body to do it. There’s either too much to do (yes, as in I think there’s too much to do, as in what a fallacy) or I’d rather sleep or distract myself. Well … I’ll get there.

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