Completion and Process

I don’t know if these two can coexist, but I’m trying. To be the mom I want to be I know that process – being in the moment – matter. I also know that there are things that need doing: food to prepare, wills to write, errands to undertake – that keep us all healthy, nourished, happy and managed.Maybe it’s a question of being in the process while doing everything. Possibly/probably.

In any case, I’m trying these sequentially at the moment: complete some things then get into a process. As I write it I think: totally backwards! But it’s what I’m doing. After some weekend stress, we decided to focus (that is, me as M is working constantly) for the next two weeks on completing the house decluttering and cleaning and to wipe off a number of items on the to-do list. And then: my spare time will be spent on writing! I have 4 more months of mat leave and I want to have some things written before it’s over.

I know that after 2 weeks things won’t be done. But more will be done. And the boxes of left-over stuff will make their way out the door. And we’ll wash the floors – it’s been a while. And we’ll have a clean, cleared off dining room table – my work area – for my writing. And it will feel good.

And I’ll even meditate too!

So far today I called about a breast pump fix; pulled about 2 inches of paperwork out of the filing cabinet to eliminate; filed other papers; sorted magazines; RSVPd for a wedding; and more.
And now: bed.

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