Baby Food

We’re starting Alya on solids. So far she’s had banana and mango, and sucked on a carrot and watermelon radish (a must-try vegetable). We tried with a spoon – she didn’t like being fed so we’re planning to let her play with the food and get it into her mouth herself. In other words, we’re choosing the messy and slow approach. She seems to really enjoy chasing slippery foods around, and I appreciate the sense of autonomy she’ll develop by doing it for herself. Right now she’s mushing banana in her hands and putting it in her mouth. and making the cutest “that’s a weird taste” faces ever. And then she dumped it over the side :). My complete cutie!!
She seems to be drinking more the last week or so, and milk supply continues to be an issue. We got another one-time donation this morning – so grateful – so we’ll be able to continue with her on just milk. It’s been maybe 6 weeks since we’ve had to use formula – totally wonderful. And I’m not planning to force solids on her to avoid formula. But I think letting her eat more and more solids would be okay. We’ll just watch her poop as she’s seemed a bit more constipated since starting.

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