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The other night baby was up for a snack and then I laid her down beside me to sleep again. She was still wriggly lovey and was reaching out grabbing my nose, hair, mouth and everything else. To calm her I caught her fingers between my lips held them still – calming for her, less painful for me. We must have drifted off to sleep like that because I awoke later in the night with her sweet chubby fingers still resting between my lips.Oh I cannot express how much I love my girl!

She and I are getting our toilet signals much more coordinated. Most of her poops are now on the potty – I think it’s a combination of my noticing her signals, and her feeling comfortable pooping there. I’m also learning to put her on the toilet before she goes in the Bumbo or as I like to call it, the Poop Machine. And I’m catching the rhythm and signals for her pees (a sudden verbal complaining, or the most adorable head/body wriggle, after waking/ getting out of a sling, after a while in a sling). We’ve been going more toilet times with dry diapers – exciting!

Sweetest girl is 6 months old today. She is chubby and happy and fun. I think we’ll start introducing some solids today. So far we’ve already given her radish and carrot – massive chunks to chew on with her teething!

I’ve been reading about a challenging concept: not focusing on baby but having baby accompany me as an adult to learn about life. And I’ve noticed that she seems happiest and calmest when I’m carrying her and doing chores around the house. And fussiest when we’re playing. More to think about.

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