Magic and Being

As I rush through day after day, spending time with Alya and trying to get things done on the never-ending to-do list, I am realizing that life with baby will be as magical as I make it. And that magic is generally found in the moment, not in the planning or future. I have so many mental images of raising a family that absolutely delight me: cooking together, crafts, gardening, snuggling, family devotions, guests over, friends … these things become great only when I let myself enjoy and experience them AS great while doing them. If I rush through them to get them done or to get on to something else … magic gone.
On a long walk with Alya the other day – sweetly sleeping on my chest in the Ergo – I asked myself what the one thing is that I could do that would most increase my happiness and well-being. I had an instant answer: meditate. Meditating for even 5 minutes a day would help me focus, process personal issues, centre myself and refocus on the important things. Do I meditate? No, not really. Or at all. My challenge to myself: prioritize this one thing that I know will help with so much else. Integrate it daily. Do it, don’t just marvel in the insight. And perhaps this will help me to be and increase the magic in the day to day of bustling busyness.

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