A poop in 3 movements

Sitting on the couch with Alya. She’s eaten, and she gets that look in her eye … so I rush her to the bedroom, take off the diaper and plop her on the potty. She’s perfectly happy to sit there, but nothing comes out. So into the bathroom we go, as it’s bathtime. I try holding he over the toilet, but no go, so I walk around the bathroom (2 steps in either direction) holding my bare-bummed girl as the heater warms the place up. M enters. “what’s that dripping?”
Yes. Poop all over the clean sheet on the change pad. And the floor. And my hand.

Hoping to snatch victory from defeat, I then hold her over the toilet. And delight! She poops again! Right into the toilet – no fuss, zero mess, a complete joy. I suspect there’s more to come, but she starts fussing so I move on. Put her down on the towel that now covers the change pad as we get the water ready for the bath. As we bustle around trying to clean up and get ready:

“Pffft!” Out comes number 3, all over the towel.

It takes two adults to manage one bath plus clean-up.

Pleasantly, I feel that this was a success. I knew she had to go. And I caught at least one-third of the poop. I”m claiming victory.

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