Now that we know I don’t make enough milk, and we will be supplementing indefinitely, we invested in a set of 6 glass bottles with slow flow nipples to simplify the feeding process. However, it’s never simple. I could complain for hours about all the nuisance and frustration associated with not being able to nurse my daughter how I want to. It complicates most aspects of life with my daughter, particularly any attempts to leave the house, and getting through night feedings.
However, we have no options at this point. It’s supplement or go hungry, and so we need to supplement and for my emotional well-being, we need to make it as simple as possible and I need to accept this process. At some point – maybe in a year? – we’ll be able to move on fully to other foods. But that is a long ways in the future. I’ve considered doing a countdown for the next year to keep me going – only so many more days of supplementing – but the number will be too big and depressing, I”m afraid.

Other things: she is chatting a lot more. She is chubby – I can’t get my fingers around her thighs anymore. I’m carrying her more in the home with a kangaroo wrap and Baby Bjorn. She still goes to sleep really quickly when she’s fed and carried. She slept 5 hours straight last night, and 6 hours two nights ago – but was up constantly the night in between. She is smilier and smilier, and is so much fun to talk with.


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